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Covid-19 Ghusl Response

During the unprecedented situation of Covid-19 in the UK, WFU were heavily involved in the formation of a funeral response team within the Borough. By working together with WFCOM (Waltham Forest Council of Mosques) and WFMBT (Waltham Forest Muslim Burial Trust - Folly Lane Cemetery), a service was provided to ensure that any of our Muslim brothers and sisters who passed away during the pandemic were still given a dignified Janaza according to Islamic principles, whilst also adhering to health and safety guidelines. Male and female scholars from WFU were at the forefront of carrying out the Ghusl and Kafan procedures [...]

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Online Zakaat Workshops

In 2019 a presentation on the Fiqh of Zakat was created by WFU following a detailed refresher program for Ulama. This was delivered in several Masajid before or during Ramadan. The presentations proved to be very educational and beneficial to participants. In 2020 the presentation was improved and delivered again but as an online course due to the Covid-19 closure of Masajid. The online courses were very well received. InshaAllah this course will be delivered on a yearly basis across the borough and the resources will be made available on this website.

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Pandemic Guidance

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