WFU launched a campaign in Ramadan 2018 to tackle the issue of noise nuisance from Masajid during Ramadan especially at the times of Iftar and Taraweeh. Many Masajid in Waltham Forest are situated in residential areas and noise caused by attendees to the Masjid often has a negative impact on those living in the area around the Masjid. The campaign included educating the attendees on etiquettes and reminding them of our duties towards neighbours. Imams gave regular reminders and announcements. Masajid were given packs containing guidance notes and resources including posters for display and leaflets for distribution. A short draft letter was also included which individual Masajid could edit to suite their localities, with the aim to post out to all the local residents informing them of the increased activities in the Masjid during Ramadan, potential impact on them, and what steps the Masjid was taking to try to tackle any issues. The campaign proved to make a difference and the project was implemented again in Ramadan 2019. Some of the resources from WFU were also used by Masajid in other parts of London and also nationally.