In 2017 WFU ventured on a project focusing on the provision of services and facilities for sisters in local Masajid. Research was conducted to find out what was currently available to sisters and also what there was a need for. Three surveys were created for this purpose: One was aimed at male and female scholars to gather their views on arrangements for sisters in Masajid from a religious view point, the second was for responsible individuals in Masjid management to find out their perspective on the services they provide to sisters and the third survey was for the for sisters in general to give their input on how they felt about access and services in their local Masjid and what they felt there was a greater need for. The research was carried out over a period of several months. After collating the information and discussing it with senior scholars, further steps are to be considered, e.g. meeting with sisters and presenting ideas to Masajid management groups.